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Total War- Welcome To WWIII

In your face straightedge hardcore / punk!     Tracklist 01 Kill Your Local Drug Dealer 02 Terrorist State 03 I Don’t Like You    (Skrewdriver) 04 Used To Be 05 Total War 06 Agnostic Front Sucks 07 Your Mother Is… 08 Drug Free 09 Welcome To WWIII 10 Wonderful World (4 Skins) [...]

Lyrics- One Family

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Lyrics- One Family

The One Family cd`s are a series of split cd`s released by OPOS Records. The lyrics here are from the second cd in the series featuring Moshpit, Attack, Forbidden, and Total War. The lyrics below basically have to do with self betterment. They promote the strength to counter what has become a [...]



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