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Michael Moore Attended Russian Organized Rally

On November 12th of last year, a “Trump is not my president” rally took place in New York. Among the participants was the obese far left hacktivist Michael Moore. What is a hacktivist? A hacktivist is someone who’s activism is contrary to what they claim to do. For instance, Michael Moore has [...]

Calexit Leader Moving To Russia

We posted back in February about the leader of the #Calexit movement and his ties to Russia. This link never really gained any national coverage as it most likely would have embarrassed or harmed this movement as they routinely tried to link Donald Trump`s presidential win to Russian meddling. Now the leader [...]

Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump Because Russia Is Invading North Korea

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your elected democrats. California democrat Maxine Waters, who once said that Republican impeachment of Bill Clinton was “a Republican coup d’etat” that was driven by “raw, unmasked, unbridled hatred and meanness.” and that Clinton’s impeachment was an “unapologetic disregard for the voice of the people.”, has now [...]



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