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Pessimist- Evolution Unto Evil

Pessimist were one of the Maryland death metal bands that went on to national popularity. This is a compilation cd with many covers as well as other tracks. Nice cd from a local band Tracklist: 01. Mensa Rea (With Evil Intent) 02. Day of Wrath 03. The Pestilence (Kreator cover) 04. 1,000 [...]

Claws / Graven Image- Pestilent Formation

4 song split cd featuring bands with members of Acid Witch, Unburied, Bone Gnawer and more. In short a brutal death metal split. Cd comes in a fold over cardboard sleeve. $5 plus $2 shipping Tracklist: Claws 1. Pestilent Scavenger 2. Reaching For The Rotting Grave Wax 3. Adipocere Formation 4. Sarcophagae [...]

Sympuls-e- Solar Storm

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Sympuls-e- Solar Storm

Female fronted technical death metal. This is their second full length and was just released earlier this year Tracklist 01. A Several Minutes Before… 02. Solarstorm 03. Criopsis 04. Osmos 05. Generate Reincarnation 06. Ingenesis 07. Memorine 08. At the Start 09. Last Revolt 10. Sunengine

Abscess- Damned & Mummified

If you`re like us here at Label 56 you love some good oldschool crossover styles. Formed by former members of Autopsy back in 1994, Abscess- Damned & Mummified is right up that alley mixing together a little gore with some sludgy death, thrash and punk. Check out the song posted and if [...]

Westwall- Conquest Or Death

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Westwall- Conquest Or Death

The new cd from death metal band Westwall is in stock now. As stated on their my space WestWall is made of veterans of the Minnesota metal scene. These Legionaires serve up their own brutal style of war metal. Influenced by great metal bands such as Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Iron Maiden, Arch [...]



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