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Dat Legacy: Obama`s Operation Chokepoint Unmasked

In our recent Label 56 Morning News Brief, I talked about how the banks and credit card companies were denying service to businesses opposite their ideology in an effort to keep them from raising funds to use against them in the culture war. This denial of service practice includes Label 56 as [...]

While Mass Media Whines About How They Are Treated By Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Reporters From Public Town Halls & Antifa Physically Attacks Them

Last week approximately 350 mass media outlets colluded in an attack on President Trump, whining about how he has treated the media, saying he is a danger to free press. They have also expressed concern that his supporters will attack them based on his rhetoric. Three points on this: 1. Far left [...]

Big Tech Censorship

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Big Tech Censorship

Below is a few quotes from the article titled Big Tech Swings the Hate Hammer Again, It was written by Jim Goad and posted on Taki`s Mag. The article has to do with the continued censorship by the small monopoly of big tech corporations. More articles on this here and here “To [...]

Big Tech Censorship: Info Wars Banned

The big tech companies have banned Alex Jones from their platforms all within 24 hours. This was collusion. A post here in which Tucker Carlson explains how having such a small concentrated number of big tech outlets controlling social media is a danger to free speech  

U.K. Rappers Have Lyrics Censored By Court

The U.K. has had some rather disturbing stories come out lately involving restrictions on free speech, including jailing people just for posting offensive comments online. Now, in the first case of it`s kind, a rap group has “seen their ability to release music with violent lyrics heavily restricted by a court” and [...]



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