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Radical Left FB Page Continues Harassing Covington High Students. Demands The School Be Shut Down Because Of Basketball Team Hand Symbols

Edited updates at end of post The left has gone insane folks! Radical left facebook page The Other 98% (which quite possibly could be a troll page seeing as how idiotic their posts are) is continuing to harass the students from Covington Highschool. This is despite the original narrative on this story [...]

Nancy Pelosi`s Bad Week

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Nancy Pelosi`s Bad Week

The radical left and it`s counterparts in mass media were ecstatic 2 days ago after Nancy Pelosi suggested the State Of The Union be cancelled due to lack of funds for security because of the government shutdown. Headlines on alt left social media outlets read as saying things like “Nancy Pelosi Just [...]

The “Trump Is A Danger To Our Democracy” Myth

Projection is when you accuse your opponents of doing what you are doing. When democrats say Trump is a danger to our democracy and is undermining the constitution, yet when they don’t get the election results they want they actively try to undermine the constitution and threaten our democracy Rep. Steve Cohen [...]

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