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Dat Legacy: $500 Billion Fraud In Obama`s HUD?

Under new HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson (whom racist democrats claimed was unqualified for the job), an audit into HUD`s financial records during 44`s administration has show serious discrepancies in it`s book keeping giving another scandal in a long list of “The only administration to never have a scandal”. #DatLegacy keeps growing [...]

Woman Issues White Baby Challenge, Racists Attack Her

Going back to our previous post comparing the backlash to congressman Steve King`s statement that you can`t restore civilization with someone else`s babies to the silence of the Turkish president telling turks in Europe to out breed Europeans, we have yet another story showing the hate and genocidal aspirations of leftists towards [...]

American Guard Indiana / MAGA Rally

Via American Guard Facebook A handful of American Guard members from Indiana joined by representatives from Illinois and Missouri, as well as other allied groups, did security for the Indianapolis MAGA march today. Indiana antifa groups had vowed to “shut the march down before it ever began” and commit violence against the [...]

Baltimore’s hate crimes and cowardly acts

This past week there was a blatant attack in broad daylight in downtown Baltimore in which 9 people ranging from ages 12-18 attacked a white guy and stole his phone. This was a discussion on the local talk radio show yesterday and as I listened to the host shout down a caller [...]

A Day Without Whiny Women in America

Liberal women thought they were teaching us a lesson by withdrawing from society on A Day Without Women. In all actuality it would please normal American`s very much if they could make it permanent. Below is a link to a great article from a “Renaissance woman” who ridicules their immaturity, irresponsibility and [...]

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