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Stefan Molyneux & Candace Owens

Great interview with Candace Owens, a black woman who was attacked by the left for refusing to play victim. She later started a kickstarter that would expose trolls in order to help children being bullied on the internet. Immediately after she started this she says a twitter rep contacted her demanding the [...]

Germany Bans Alt Left Website

Kind of surprised to see this. Germany is a lot further gone on the political scale than America, yet here they are endorsing the violent alt left and banning nationalist websites. The article- ‘Antifa’ website linked to G20 violence banned in Germany states that the site was shut down due to its [...]

Charlottesville Perspective

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Charlottesville Perspective

For the record we did not attend the rally this past weekend and had it gone off without a hitch there would probably be little to no mention of it in our blog. However the appalling civil rights violations that occurred in Charlottesville as well as the way mass media is distorting [...]

SJW`s Want To Get Rid Of Algebra In College

Leftists were outraged last week about the Department Of Justice supposedly looking into affirmative action implementations in college admissions. As we stated here, (when affirmative action) “is applied to the educational sector it not only destroys the standard of the school by lowering gpa averages and forcing schools to change the curriculum [...]

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