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As Nigerian Asylum Seekers Cross Into Canada, Canada Wants U.S. To Enact Stricter Screening For Visitor Visa Applicants

The immigration policies of the United States under President Trump are called racist, intolerant and xenophobic. On the other hand, Canada under Justin Trudeau is supposed to be a bastion of tolerance and acceptance. But after an influx of Haitian asylum seekers crossed into Canada last summer and a large number of [...]

The Omnibus Bill?

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The Omnibus Bill?

Like most people who support the President`s agenda, I was rather upset at the signing of the Omnibus Bill. However realizing that the President is not a politician or your average person, I mostly held out on criticism until more opinions on it started coming out. My first thought was that McConnell [...]

Student Organizes Walkout To Protest Abortion After It Suspends Teacher For Saying The School Might Have Double Standards For Protests

After students participated in the anti Second Amendment walkout earlier this month, Julianne Benzel, a history teacher at Rocklin High School in California suggested that the school might have a double standard in which protests they support and which ones they don`t. This claim seemed to ring true as she was suspended [...]

Internet Censorship & Net Neutrality

Using the argument that it would allow the censoring and slowing down of certain websites, the radical left went into a meltdown when the FCC announced their plan to repeal net neutrality. Ironically, these are the same people who are currently completely fine with social media outlets as well as other online [...]

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