Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Seth Putnam 5/15/68- 6/11/11

Just a note to mark the death of Seth Putnam. Seth was certainly a very controversial figure and because of his personal habits I would not consider him a role model, but he was still very influential in the extreme music scene. He is most known for his band Anal Cunt, but [...]

The Duty Of White Artists In Our Struggle

This is a re post of an essay originally found at the Radical Rhymesters Blog . The original essay is here Note: While I completely agree with the mission statement of this essay, I do not disrespect Ron Paul or underplay the effect he has had on changing the political climate of [...]

November`s Special 2010!

Label 56 is now running monthly specials where we are discounting certain cd`s. This months special is a tribute to the Hungarian music scene. Not only are we offering any 2 Hungarian cd`s for only $20 but we are also giving away a free Pushing Onwards t shirt! Complete details are in [...]

Crimethinc. Sucks (Repost)

The link below is to a piece I rather enjoyed written by Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists. It is his take on the writings and “revolutionary tactics” posted on an anarchist blog. I must say I have also found it amusing that a lot of the communists and anarchists [...]

Musician Classifieds

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Musician Classifieds

This post is for people or bands looking for members. I get a lot of people saying they are writing music and need people to fill out the band or help out with live shows . If you are a band and are looking for members, or if you are looking to [...]



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