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Skinhead Magazine #11

  The internet is a great resource for just about any kind of info you want on anything and for many it has become second nature to just sit and read online. Over the past 2 years or so it has pretty much become my sole source for reading band interviews, cd [...]

Straightline Interview

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Straightline Interview

There is an interview with Greek RAC band Straightline posted below. Their debut cd Act For A New Generation is an excellent cd. It is a very well produced cd and the music is very professional. Act For A New Generation is  available now at Label 56 Below is an interview with [...]

Tribute To Kreuzfeuer/ Jens Rahl

  Label 56 now has in stock the Tribute To Kreuzfeuer cd which is in memoriam of Jens Rahl, the deceased singer. This is an excellent 16 track compilation featuring some of the more well known names mostly from the German metal and death core scene.  For those who don`t know, Kreuzfeuer [...]

Tribute To Totenkopf

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Tribute To Totenkopf

We have several new cd`s in stock here at Label 56 which I will be posting up some reviews of in the next few days. The first cd is the Tribute To Totenkopf cd. This is the early 80`s French band Totenkopf and is actually the first time I had heard of [...]

Cynic Release Second Full Length

The band Cynic out of Potsdam have released their second full length cd titled Rock. It is out now on PC Records. This new cd contains 18 songs as well as a cover from Burndown and two songs previously released on the Potsdam demo/ split cd`s. This band actually caught my attention [...]



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