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Defiance Magazine: New Website

  Defiance Magazine appeared online maybe 2 -3 years ago and they have made a name for themselves with some excellent interviews with many bands and people involved in our cog wheel of music, media and more. They recently did a short upgrade to their site and have also posted several new [...]

Pick Of The Week: Will To Survive

Pick Of The Week 5/6/12: Will To Survive With all of the new bands coming out today in the hardcore/ metal arena I wanted to make sure one specifically did not get overlooked. Last year Will To Survive had an excellent 3 song ep released by OPOS Records. This is an “alternative” [...]

Pick Of The Week: Desolated- Roll Out

Pick Of The Week 4/29/12: Desolated- Roll Out Desolated`s debut cd Roll Out is this weeks pick of the week. This is a band that features former members of Excalibur. Unlike Excalibur which was a pretty heavy Pagan/ death metal band, the music from Desolated takes a more chaotic nu metal sound [...]



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