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AI Robot Says It Will Keep People In A Human Zoo

Science constructing our future overlords In an interview with an ai robot that was uploaded with software based on sci-fi writer Philip Dick, the robot tells the interviewer it will keep him warm in a people zoo. Full story and video here: AI Robot Learns Words In Real Time & Tells Human [...]

Ta-Nehisi Coates`s Racist Logic

Similar to Liberal Logic, this is a post highlighting the idiocy of Racist Logic. In a blatantly racist comment, Ta-Nehisi says All Trump had to do was be rich and white to win the election. Based on that, since Obama got 96% of the black vote, it can be said that all [...]

How To Develop Mental Toughness

Below is a link to some excerpts from Tim Ferris`s new book Tools Of Titans. They are pretty motivational quotes and some from some well known people. We`ve highlighted some of the Tim Ferris podcast episodes in our blog in the past including the one with Amelia Boone who is featured in [...]

Racism: The left’s last refuge

Excerpt from an oped piece posted on Complete article in the link below Racism: The Left’s Last Refuge “I’m going to talk about a man who has embraced a platform that … the Ku Klux Klan said couldn’t be better if they’d written it themselves … [a man] who seeks the [...]

This Fake Hate Crime Takes The Cake

Faking hate crimes has become standard fair for people who seek attention and want that purple heart of victimhood. Some people have no imagination and just stick to the standard “White guy assaulted me” nonsense. This guy however went above and beyond and created a real story lol. Florida man faked a [...]

Another Muslim Hate Crime Hoax

Remember the story that went viral not long ago about the Muslim woman who said she was attacked by three white men on a New York subway? Remember how mass media and liberals moaned and cried that this was Trump`s fault, that America needs to rid itself of hate and prejudice? Well [...]



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