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Fake Hate Crimes And Fake News

Mass media has been on a frenzy this past election campaign running all kinds of #FakeNews stories about Trump supporters committing hate crimes. While the majority of these have turned out to be fake, it still has not stopped them from jumping the gun and reporting on any and all crimes as [...]

Mainstream Media And Fake News Doublespeak

Mainstream media, the original proprietors of #FakeNews have started an Orwellian doublespeak campaign to slander non corporate media outlets as fake news. In one of the most absurd instances to date, Brian Williams, who lost his job at NBC for spreading fake news, has joined the campaign to bemoan fake news. Read [...]

Nancy Pelosi: ‘Racist or Just Dumb’?

Since the nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to be the next secretary of HUD, democrats and leftists in general have attacked his ability to do the job. Among the most prominent is House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi. The simple fact is that if this were Republicans voicing concern that a black man [...]

Twitter Banning Donald Trump?

Mass media is incensed over President Elect Donald Trump`s twitter use. They call him immature, unprofessional and so on, but for all the complaints they give, the real reason they hate it is because because it allows him to by pass mass media and gives him a direct communication with the American [...]

Racism In The Classroom

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Racism In The Classroom

The picture below was posted by a San Diego radio station on facebook and attributed to a teacher who made it for their students. In it it supposedly confronts “racism” and “prejudiced” but in reality it is the epitome of racism and prejudice on behalf of the teacher. Not only does it [...]

Canadian State Tv Celebrating White Genocide

A taxpayer funded Canadian state tv channel has produced a music video celebrating the genocide of white people as it goes on to revel in the idea that all races will be blended into a singular brown colored blob. This is in fact the ultimate goal of the elites who promote multiculturalism. [...]

Elected Anti- Brexit Politician Gets Trolled

This interview is top kek. In short, Sarah Olney just won an election in Britain and is calling for a recount for Brexit. She goes on an interview in which the host questions Sarah`s win by throwing the same tactic back at her election results that she is using for Brexit.   [...]

More On Mass Media Creating Fake News

This isn`t anything new, mass media, as a liberal progressive dominated propaganda machine, has always had a dishonest bias against conservative or “right wing” people and ideas and until the advent of the internet they have held an uncontested monopoly on influencing the American people. The internet with it`s free exchange of [...]



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