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Another Racist White Guy Arrested For Hate Crimes

Rejoice! America can begin to heal! Another racist white Trump supporter has been arrested for hate crimes! The question again is- If America is so full of hate and intolerance why do they need to keep faking hate crimes? Man arrested for swastika graffiti at Long Island college EAST GARDEN CITY, N.Y. [...]

Boycott Delta: Another Fake SJW Scheme

Youtubers get ad revenue money based on how many people watch their videos. Anything like this should be highly suspect, especially considering his past. Aside from the things listed here, he was also busted for a fake claim that he snuck a ride on an airplane in a suitcase In a video [...]

Another Racist MTV Hit Piece

MTV, which stopped being a music channel years ago instead opting to be a Marxist propaganda outlet, has run yet another anti white piece titled “2017 New Years Resolutions For White Guys” in which a bunch of feminists, cucks, and poc talk about why they hate white guys. In the “liberals learned [...]

Crappy Punk Set To Make Comeback?

The Guardian ran a story the other day titled Rise above: will Donald Trump’s America trigger a punk protest renaissance? in which they ask if punk rock will make a comeback in this era of Donald Trump. As we predicted last month, yes, yes they will. We will see a new era [...]

Technocracy Rising

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Technocracy Rising

Technocracy Rising – the Scientific Elite’s Global Matrix of Control At the Freedom Force International conference held in Phoenix, AZ Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviews author Patrick Wood ( Technocracy News ) about technocracy and the emergence of a new form of global governance and control.    



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