Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Another Racist MTV Hit Piece

MTV, which stopped being a music channel years ago instead opting to be a Marxist propaganda outlet, has run yet another anti white piece titled “2017 New Years Resolutions For White Guys” in which a bunch of feminists, cucks, and poc talk about why they hate white guys. In the “liberals learned [...]

Crappy Punk Set To Make Comeback?

The Guardian ran a story the other day titled Rise above: will Donald Trump’s America trigger a punk protest renaissance? in which they ask if punk rock will make a comeback in this era of Donald Trump. As we predicted last month, yes, yes they will. We will see a new era [...]

Technocracy Rising

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Technocracy Rising

Technocracy Rising – the Scientific Elite’s Global Matrix of Control At the Freedom Force International conference held in Phoenix, AZ Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviews author Patrick Wood ( Technocracy News ) about technocracy and the emergence of a new form of global governance and control.    

AI Robot Says It Will Keep People In A Human Zoo

Science constructing our future overlords In an interview with an ai robot that was uploaded with software based on sci-fi writer Philip Dick, the robot tells the interviewer it will keep him warm in a people zoo. Full story and video here: AI Robot Learns Words In Real Time & Tells Human [...]



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