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After Demanding Trump Accept The Decision If He Lost The Election, Democratic VP Candidate Says Democrats Have To Fight In The Streets Against Trump (Graphic Video Of Democrat Violence Embedded)

Leftist violence has become commonplace since President Trump won the election. As we stated yesterday, the true mentality of the left has been put on full display lately. They preach tolerance but when they don`t get their way they quickly resort to violence. Coexist in reality means no tolerance for opposing views. [...]

German Migrants Average 780 Crimes A Day

German Migrants Average 780 Crimes A Day According to the Gatestone Institute, an international policy council, police in some parts of the country fear they are being stretched to the limit amid climbing crime figures. Their report said: ‘During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the [...]

Was The Women`s March On DC An Epic Troll Job?

Anti semitism, sharia law advocate, threats of violence, convicted felons, accusations of discrimination, Meg Griffin impersonators, giant vagina costumes and more. The #WomansMarchOnDC had it all.   The #WomansMarchOnDC was supposed to be an empowering event for women the world over but at closer view it seems like it was in all [...]

Antifa Shut Down In Portland

While most decent people were going about their work day, masked crusaders (presumably jobless) attempted to block traffic and disrupt the daily functions of everyday people. I guess liberal logic assumes that pissing off regular people and turning them against them somehow helps their cause and strikes at the system. The system [...]



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