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Texas Radio Station Bans Madonna. More Winning

More winning. Mad Donna banned from Texas radio station. It`s time the intolerant left feel the same repercussions they have placed on people whom they disagree with Texas radio station bans Madonna songs from the air: She’s ‘un-American’ A Texas radio station has decided to ban all Madonna songs from their airwaves [...]

SOS: Stop Operation Soros Begins In Macedonia

Last month we posted about Hungary planning to crackdown on all of George Soros funded ngo`s. Now a new initiative in Macedonia has dedicated itself to stopping the Soros funded groups that have caused civil unrest in so many countries. ‘Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia A new initiative, Stop Operation [...]

DC Rioters To Face 10 Years In Prison & 25K Fine

Inauguration Rioters Get Rude Awakening, Could Face 10 Years In Prison and $25K Fine Many of the career anarchists who were arrested during protests and rioting in Washington, D.C. during the inauguration have a rude awakening coming. Many have been involved in protests or rioting before where they are faced with a [...]

Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher`s Hypocrisy

Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher’s Hypocrisy, ‘I’ve Seen You At The Playboy Mansion’ Hilarious: Jenna Jameson Exposes Bill Maher’s Hypocrisy, ‘I’ve Seen You At The Playboy Mansion’ January 23, 2017 Former porn star Jenna Jameson had some choice words for Bill Maher on Sunday night. The 42-year-old tweeted about Maher’s hypocrisy regarding [...]



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