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UK Police Disrupt Planned Christmas Attack

Mass media and leftists: How dare Trump retweet fake videos of muslim violence from a hate group! These fake videos stir up xenophobia. Fake fake fake! Hate hate hate! Twitter: We are banning Britain First and others who talk about muslim violence. Its all fake fake fake! Hate hate hate! Ban speech [...]

The Eminem Challenge

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The Eminem Challenge

I was going to go into a post asking why this affliction of self hatred only seems to affect whites. About why whites feel guilty despite every other group of people having perpetrated actions either on par or more extreme in the past and so on. Instead of trying to reason with [...]

Hypocrisy In Baltimore`s White Social Justice Warriors

News headlines last week highlighted an effort for yard signs to be taken down in a Roland park neighborhood because they were unsightly and cluttered up the neighborhood. The signs in question just happened to be pro immigrant and pro blm signs. Aside from the political message though, social standards dictate that [...]



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