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Puerto Rico Sabotaging Their Own Rebuilding Efforts?

After Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico, mass media and the left went on a rampage criticizing President Trump for the way he handled the crisis and accused the administration of not doing enough to help rebuild the island. Predictably, cries of racism immediately emanated from mass media and the left as well [...]

Schumer Shutdown

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Schumer Shutdown

#SchumerShutdown Not only have democrats voted against giving American`s a tax cut, they`ve now shut down the government over non citizens. They should be more worried about what`s going to happen once the surveillance report surrounding the Trump- Russia probe is made public. #ReleaseTheMemo

Holding The SPLC Accountable

Via Professor Carol M. Swain`s facebook post here: News agencies should not shield the Southern Poverty Law Center from much needed public oversight and scrutiny. After all, their employees testify before Congress, helping to shape federal law, and the reputations of mainstream organizations. Please join the fight to hold them accountable. — [...]

Did Children Cry Tears Of Rage When Cory Booker Took The Money Donated To Their Schools While He Was Mayor?

Senator Cory Booker recently gave a horrible performance at a senate judiciary hearing in which he angrily proclaimed that an offensive word made him cry “tears of rage”. The performance (shown below) came before a senate judiciary hearing and was directed towards President Trump`s DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. Watching it is pretty [...]



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