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Sander`s Campaign Fined For Accepting Foreign Involvement

A Project Veritas undercover video exposing Australian`s working on the 2016 NH primary campaign has led to the campaign being fined for “violating Federal law regarding foreign nationals giving ‘something of value’ to a US candidate”. Mass media is currently ignoring this story In agreements with FEC, Sanders campaign, Australian Labor Party [...]

Americans Suffer Due To Democrat / Liberal Policies

Remember when democrat Bill Clinton enacted the Community Reinvestment Act and ordered banks to give loans to low income families even though they weren’t qualified for them? Remember in 2007 when the American economy collapsed because those loans were defaulted on? This time it looks like an Obama era policy to keep [...]

Meme Alert: Hogg`s Agenda

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Meme Alert: Hogg`s Agenda

They have made it very evident that there is an agenda going on here. Furthermore, to take up for a guy that didn`t do his job and let kids get killed is pretty disgusting. But then again this comes as no real surprise considering their unabashed support of planned parenthood. The left [...]

Patriot Prayer Founder Joey Gibson Running For Senate

Conservative American activist Joey Gibson has announced his senate run in Washington state.  (Campaign site here) Gibson is the founder of Patriot Prayer, a pro American group that has been attacked by radical leftists for their pro Trump / pro free speech rallies. As quoted by KATU, Joe says :  “I don’t [...]



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