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The Cambridge Analytica False Flag

As the Russia investigation is unraveling more and more, Cambridge Analytica is in the news now and is being promoted as the new boogeyman to be mad at for making Hillary lost the election. It’s also an attack on the Mercer’s who are part owners and give money to conservative politicians and [...]

U.K. : Child Grooming Gangs OK, Conservative`s Bad

A very disturbing story out of the U.K. details selling, raping and murdering children by Muslim grooming gangs over the course of a 40 year period. What`s even more disturbing is that these crimes were not investigated by the police for fear of being called racist. The Daily Mail reports that “A [...]

CNN: Paul Manafort Faces 305 Years

“Paul Manafort Faces 305 Years”. That was the headline of a story that came through my feed from CNN on facebook. Naturally, most everyone commenting were ecstatic that someone from the Trump campaign was charged and possibly going to jail. The radical left is laughing about this because they think it involves [...]



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