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Big Tech Censorship: Info Wars Banned

The big tech companies have banned Alex Jones from their platforms all within 24 hours. This was collusion. A post here in which Tucker Carlson explains how having such a small concentrated number of big tech outlets controlling social media is a danger to free speech  

California: Ban Plastic Straws, Give Out Free Plastic Needles. SF Issues Warning To Train Passengers About Needles Left In Seats

California has banned plastic straws because of a 9 year olds quick mafs (memes here ), yet proposed a bill to give heroin addicts free plastic needles. They cited the plastic straw ban because of pollution to the environment, yet in San Francisco train conductors are reportedly warning passengers about needles being [...]

Kathy Griffin Builds A Wall

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Kathy Griffin Builds A Wall

Irony alert: At about 30 minutes into the video tour of her $10.5 million mansion, Kathy Griffin says she built a wall to shield herself from her neighbor. Why did she build a wall? Because she says she does not get along with her neighbor. This is obviously contrary to the “Build [...]



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