Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Financial Tyranny Continues: Paypal Bans InfoWars

In the first Label 56 Indie Media Podcast we discussed how the big tech companies were silencing people with views they opposed in online social media outlets. In our second show we discussed the little known fact that on the financial end their  counterparts in the credit card companies and online payment [...]

Democrat Voting Tactics. Why Don`t We Do These Things?

There are at least 3 far left radical socialists running for governor in three Republican run states. Two of those states, Georgia and Florida, currently have very few gun restrictions as well as stand your ground laws which allow would be victims to defend themselves legally. That could change dramatically if democrats [...]

Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 9- 20 -18

Label 56 Indie Media Morning News Brief / Podcast 9-20-18 Topics include declassification of text messages surrounding the Russia investigation, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and the lefts double standards on assault and more Listen Here Related Articles: FBI agent Strzok reportedly texted ‘we’ll stop’ Trump from becoming president Strzok-Page texts on ‘media [...]



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