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Andrew Gillum, Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Has Jewish Woman Thrown Out Of Synagogue

Journalist Laura Loomer (a Jewish woman) recently posted that Florida democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum had her forcibly removed from a synagogue. That video is below but it is receiving no national attention. Considering the horrific event in Pittsburgh yesterday you`d think the goal would be to expose antisemitism anywhere it rears [...]

The Violent Left: Professor Says Senators Need To Be Harassed In Restaurants. Stick Your Fingers In Their Salad & Take Their Food

Another day another college professor calls for aggression against Republicans. This time it`s from James Thomas, an assistant professor of Sociology at the University Of Mississippi who tweeted that senator`s do not deserve your civility. While not naming Republican`s specifically, Thomas has expressed his support for democratic socialism, leaving no doubt which [...]

#MeToo Accusations Against Cory Booker

You all remember the rush to judgement by Cory Booker as well as the rest of the democrat party against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in the face of unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault levied against him, well now a new claim has been levied against Cory Booker himself. An anonymous man [...]

Dan Bongino Show: Dealing With The Media

In the opening comments in this podcast, Dan Bongino discusses how to deal with the media using Trump’s 60 minutes interview as an example. As is posted on his site, he goes on to talk about revealing new details about the Spygate scandal that point in a troubling direction and debunking liberal [...]



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