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The Repugnant Racist Opposition At The Thought Of Helping South African Farmers From The Alt Left & It`s Mass Media Associates

The alt left community as well as it`s member associates in mass media were beyond triggered last week when President Trump tweeted in support of investigating the abuses against the Boer in South Africa, abuses which include government land seizures as well as the murders of farmers. Just to make this clear, [...]

While Mass Media Whines About How They Are Treated By Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans Reporters From Public Town Halls & Antifa Physically Attacks Them

Last week approximately 350 mass media outlets colluded in an attack on President Trump, whining about how he has treated the media, saying he is a danger to free press. They have also expressed concern that his supporters will attack them based on his rhetoric. Three points on this: 1. Far left [...]



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