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Leftists Praise Ben & Jerry`s New “Resist” Ice Cream While Ignoring Charges Of Anti Semitism Against Featured Activist

Ben & Jerry`s ice cream has a long history of supporting left wing activist causes. The latest is their new Pecan Resist which they`ve created to “…resist the Trump administration’s regressive and discriminatory policies and build a future that values inclusivity, equality, and justice for people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, [...]

The Violent Left: James Cromwell Warns Of Blood In The Streets Revolution If Democrats Do Not Win Midterm Election

President Trump says that Fake News is the enemy of the people, and with stories like this it`s hard to argue otherwise. We wrote yesterday about how the Fake News outlets gaslight and deceive you, calling President Trump`s rhetoric divisive and violent all the while promoting divisiveness and violence themselves. Mass media [...]

It`s Not Always Just “White Racism”

Dr. Kaye is a local radio host who does a show from 3-5 pm on 88.9 and does a show directed towards problems in the black community. I listen to her show on occasion because I enjoy hearing different points of view because there is common ground in issues relating to everyone. [...]

Andrew Gillum, Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Has Jewish Woman Thrown Out Of Synagogue

Journalist Laura Loomer (a Jewish woman) recently posted that Florida democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum had her forcibly removed from a synagogue. That video is below but it is receiving no national attention. Considering the horrific event in Pittsburgh yesterday you`d think the goal would be to expose antisemitism anywhere it rears [...]



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