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Josue Libertad

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Josue Libertad

Joshua has been serving time for a defensive attack against a pack of 50 fascist “anti fascists” who set against him. He has been given 26 years for defending himself in a a situation where he could have been seriously injured or killed. Many worldwide have brought attention to this and are [...]

White Rabbit Radio New Site

White Rabbit Radio`s new website has been online for a month or more now. You can check out their new site here. New podcasts are also online now. White Rabbit Radio is a unique broadcast dedicated to the survival of us White Rabbits. Check it out if you are looking for something [...]

Casapound Italy Protest “Human Tsunami”

Hundreds of banners from Casa Pound reading “‘Europe died in Tripoli, Italy died in Lampedusa” appeared throughout Italy. Thousand of postcards were also distributed throughout malls and shopping center in 50 different towns and cities in protest to what has been called a “Human Tsunami”. Lampedusa is a tiny Italian island which [...]

A3P Addresses Charm City St Patty`s Show

American Third Position National Coordinator Charles Dickenson delivered an inspiring address to the attendees of a belated St. Patrick’s Day musical celebration in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend. The family friendly half-day affair was organized and sponsored by Label 56 and featured several acts that performed traditional folk music in acoustic and electric formats to the enjoyment of the scores of attendees. In addition to Mr. Dickenson, several other A3P members were also in attendance, including A3P New Jersey State Chairmen Alex Carmichael and A3P Pennsylvania State Chairman Steve Smith. Here is brief excerpt of the speech delivered by Mr. Dickenson: <a href=""> [ Read More → ]

Support Alexandra Wallace

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Support Alexandra Wallace

A few days ago I heard a story about a woman from UCLA that made a “racist” video (Yes this is top news in America).  I didn`t really pay much attention to it because in America today anything and everything Whites do is “racist”. Browsing through The Political Cesspool Blog this morning [...]

The First A3P National Conference

The American Third Position Board of Directors, comprised of Mr. William Johnson, Mr. James Edwards, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and Mr. Don Wassall, have given a “State of the A3P 2011″ radio address on the occasion of the party’s one-year anniversary. Read more here.

Jared Loughner and Mass Media`s Agenda/ Re Post

The following is a re post from an email we received concerning the recent tragedy in Arizona It`s funny how people say there is no agenda in mass media. In the hours following the tragedy in Arizona reports were flying out about the motivation of Jared Loughner- that he was a right [...]



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