Cultural Change through Music & Activism
The Passing of the Great Race

Info here The Passing of the Great Race: Madison Grant (author) Jared Taylor (introductory essay), Henry Fairfield Osborn (forewords) The Passing of the Great Race is one of the most prominent racially oriented books of all times, written by the most influencial American conservationist that ever lived. Historically, topically, and geographically, Grant’s [...]

CasaPound Italy Raided

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CasaPound Italy Raided

There are posts on several different blogs stating that the headquarters of CasaPound Italy were raided. Statements as follows- Rome, Jan. 13 – At the beginning of the day, about 50 policemen challenged Casa Pound in Rome, where it was searching the apartment of Gianluca Iannone. The President of Casa Pound Italy [...]

Ted Nugent, Pat Buchanan, Diversity & Neo Fascism

As the multi cultural social experiment continues more and more people are realizing it doesn`t work. A few months ago Pat Buchanan wrote Suicide Of A Superpower, a book outlining the decline of America based on (among other things) our open immigration policy. He has since been repeatedly attacked by numerous neo [...]

VOR Radio: A Fork In The Road Panel Discussion

A Fork In The Road is a new radio program on Voice Of Reason Radio Network. Hosted by Stan Hess this new program will feature a panel of varying guest co-hosts. The first installment available here features host Stan Hess, joined by panel members Paul Fromm and RAMZPAUL. In this show they [...]

Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds To Speak In CBS Debate

Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds To Speak In CBS Debate Leaked email to Bachmann campaign indicates decision to limit air time for certain candidates was deliberate CBS News policy Paul Joseph Watson Full Article Here November 13, 2011 Congressman Ron Paul was a victim of what later transpired to be a [...]

Manifesto For Another Youth

Manifesto For Another Youth   We are the youth who have today made a choice: to stand up and be the first in line. We are the youth who chose Thermopylae rather than to be lethargic and live in denial. We are the youth of the summer camps, long climbs in the [...]

Camp Identitaire 2011 en Provence

  ANOTHER YOUTH ———- Communiqué of August 28, 2011 :: Who if not us? :: Like last year, the youth identity camp took place for their ninth summer camp under the sun of Provence. They even extended the fun as the participants from all over France and Switzerland joined for the six [...]



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