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Oxycontin Addicts Turning To Heroin

I seem to remember one of the supposed benefits to going to war in afghanistan being that it would stop heroin from coming in. I guess that`s kind of like saying gas prices would go down after we take over iraq, we all know how that turned out… Keep off the drugs, [...]

Neo Fascists Ban Olympian Over Statements

Neo fascist censorship strikes again in a big way. This time a Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was kicked off the team for “insensitive” comments and for making favorable comments about Greece`s Nationalist party Golden Dawn. To ban someone from the Olympics because of Nationalist statements shows just how scared they are [...]

VoR Radio: Update on South Africa with Marc Cornah

The Nationalist Report: Update on South Africa with Marc Cornah. July 16th, 2012 Interview Here. Previous Interviews with Mark Cornah here The Nationalist Report returns! Mishko Novosel & Mike Conner interview returning guest Marc Cornah. Topics include: The situation in the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa since Terre’Blanche’s assassination; Update [...]

Freedompalooza 2012

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Freedompalooza 2012

The huge 3 day Freedompalooza Festival kicks off this weekend!! Featuring speakers, musicians and more this event is dedicated to fighting for freedom and exposing the truth. Among the speakers are Jim Traficant, Cyndi Steele, Merlin Miller and more. Poker Face as well as many other bands will be performing as well. [...]

3rd Annual European American Heritage Celebration

 3rd Annual European American Heritage Celebration Complete Info Here The 3rd Annual European American Heritage Celebration will take place August 11,2012 from Noon-6pm at Mercatili Segilia Park in Moosic,PA . The park is located directly behind the Better Business Bureau building. The address is 4099 Birney Ave Moosic ,PA .This is a [...]

Arktos Books Raffle

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Arktos Books Raffle

  “We have started a competition on Facebook. If you “like” our page on Facebook and “share” this competition banner, you will automatically be entered into our lottery. (If you already “like” our Facebook page, all you need to do is “share” this banner.) The first prize is a set of Arktos [...]

Middle Class at a Crossroads

Middle Class At A Crossroads Original Article posted on American Free Press Here As the divide between the haves and the have-nots continues to widen, there can be no doubt that those caught in the middle—the group of Americans collectively known as the middle class—have suffered greatly as a result of the [...]

AFP: Rise of Golden Dawn Terrifies Globalists

Original Article from the American Free Press site here It seems certain at this point that Golden Dawn will enter Parliament By Pete Papaherakles Golden Dawn, Greece’s most-recognized populist political party has the establishment shaking in their pants in fear of a huge victory in the upcoming May 6 elections. Their fast-rising [...]

The Role of Party Politics in the Culture War

The Role of Party Politics in the Culture War By Alex Kurtagic Originally posted on Occidental Observer here   It is no secret that White identity political parties have it difficult in the age of ‘equality’. If politics is the art of the possible, a culture where Whiteness is anathema makes White [...]



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