Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Five Finger Death Punch Campaign For Vets

This is great. Much respect: Five Finger Death Punch is a very popular band in the hc / metal scene. They have recently launched a new campaign to help with war veterans suffering from ptsd and more. Their new video- Wrong Side Of Heaven  “highlights staggering facts about veterans suffering from post-traumatic [...]

Indiana Grandmothers Form Self Defense Network

This is a great idea. Self defense is always a better option then being a victim. After Indiana grandmothers Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby were repeatedly robbed, they decided to create an organization to help other women combat such threats. Women Armed and Ready (WAR) is dedicated to empowering women through education [...]

Video: ESFK Italy & Poland

Actions of European Solidarity Front for Kosovo. Italy & Poland. 16th of February 2014. The European Solidarity Front for Kosovo was created to help the minority of Serbian people that are still living in the holy land of Kosovo. It is a solidarity organization that wants to support their needs and help [...]

Quotes: Generation Identity

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Quotes: Generation Identity

Generation Identity is one of the better books I have read recently. It`s not so much a book as much as a breakdown and description of many of today’s social and cultural status quo`s and the underlying affect it has on us. I`ve always felt (without ever putting my actual reasoning behind [...]

Quotes: The Crisis Of Modernity

The Crisis Of Modernity: The destruction of the life-world for the benefit of instrumental reason, (economic) growth, and material development have resulted in an unprecedented impoverishment of the spirit, and the generalization of anxiety related to living in an always uncertain present, in a world deprived both of the past and the [...]

The Ron Paul Channel

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The Ron Paul Channel

This is something I`m personally excited for. Please show your support. “When the Ron Paul Channel launches, we’ll take mainstream media by storm. No advertisers, no corporate agenda — just the truth delivered exclusively to subscribers like you. Watch Ron Paul’s message from the set of the Ron Paul Channel, then [...]

NPI Conference: After The Fall, The Future Of Identity

Complete list of speakers and info here Facebook page here Throughout Europe and North America, nations are experiencing what can best be described as bankruptcy—economic, social, moral, and cultural. Moreover, the identity of “the West” that was promoted over the past half-century—”democratic,” “tolerant,” “liberal”—has begun to crack and splinter under the pressure [...]



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