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#CocksNotGlocks – The Perfect Anti-Gun Rally

Great article by Christopher Cantwell on the counter protest against allowing concealed carry owners to be able to defend themselves on campus: “This demonstration is the absolute perfect metaphor for leftist ideology. ‘If your life is in danger, go fuck yourself.’” Full Article Here

The Real War On Women

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The Real War On Women

Via The American Viking FB Page: “”Ladies. The real “war on women” will come from liberal progressives. Especially if you are a white woman. You are only a protected class in the eyes of progressives as long as you are pitted against the white man. When your interests clash with another protected [...]

How Hate Speech Laws Work In Practice

“One of the most baffling things about the newfangled “liberal” push for laws against so-called hate speech is their inability to imagine these bans backfiring. In their zeal to punish those who spread sexist, racist, transphobic, or otherwise out-of-fashion speech, they seem to forget that history has a bad track record of [...]



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