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Bill Maher Says Liberals In Denial About Radical Islam

Bill Maher Says Liberals In Denial About Radical Islam Commentary from Brian (Keystone United): “If Liberals hate Christianity because it is illiberal, yet they give Islam a pass by excusing it as “cultural difference” then they aren’t liberals, they are subversives of Western Civilization who are using the label of liberalism, and [...]

Sweden`s “New Country” Is One Of Cultural Genocide

Sweden`s “New Country” In a previous post here we talked about the communist agenda of mass media and their advocating for the cultural genocide of European nations. As further testimony to that in Sweden a government backed Swedish charity organization has created a new video called “The New Country” advocating cultural genocide [...]

Boycott Sports

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Boycott Sports

Not standing for the national anthem= acceptable. Commenting that people destroying property and committing violence should be locked up= get suspended. Why is one form of protest acceptable but another isn`t? Boycott sports and their politically correct agenda Mariners suspend Steve Clevenger without pay for remainder of the season “The Seattle Mariners [...]

Register To Vote

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Register To Vote

Register To Vote No matter what you think of the candidates this election there is a very important issue that’s not coming up that should receive more. It’s the vacancy on the supreme court and that the next president will fill it. Their rulings circumvent the constitution based on their personal opinions. [...]

Communists For Hillary: Media`s Double Standards

Everyday mass media goes on and on about how Trump is supported by white supremacists. The simple fact about these “white supremacists” is that in reality they are nothing more than patriotic European Americans who (like any other group of people) care about what happens to their culture and heritage and are [...]

Victim Vs Non Victim

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Victim Vs Non Victim

An armed citizen is not a victim. An unarmed citizen is a victim Two different scenarios with two different outcomes coming from the riots in NC. The first, a white man is driving through the protest as numerous people start approaching his car. Once he makes it known he is armed they [...]

Media Tricks: Bias And Buzz Words

The Daily Mail recently ran a story from Germany in which a group of Germans were taunted and harassed by a mob of foreign immigrants. When it got to the point that the Germans defended themselves, mass media runs a story calling them neo nazis with quotes like “About 100 far-right men [...]

Feminism: First World Problems Vs Reality

Liberals in European countries are truly a strange bipolar lot. Every single day they will protest that they are oppressed on every issue imaginable, when in reality they enjoy the most freedoms and persecution free lifestyle out of anybody in the world. In the rest of the world there are no rights [...]

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Part 2

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Part 2 Did someone make a dad joke? Have no fear- Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!! Last week we posted a video that went viral of a social justice warrior freaking out about a Hawaiian hula girl on a car dashboard. Now there is another [...]

Brock Turner`s White Privilege?

Brock Turner has made national news as the man who was given a suspended sentence after being arrested for sexually penetrating an intoxicated unconscious 22 year old female with his fingers. Mass media, sjw`s, and people in general are up in a storm about this calling it indicative of white male privilege. [...]



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