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Vote 2016

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Vote 2016

Is this the person you want picking the next supreme court justice? In this election a third party vote really is a wasted vote. Full story and audio in the link below. Our previous commentary here. Lou Dobbs commentary here Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court ‘Is Wrong on the Second Amendment’ “In leaked [...]

“No Go Zones”: A Failed State

“No Go Zones” exist not only in France, but in Sweden and other European countries as well. They are areas dominated by immigrants in which law and order do not exist. Liberals and media will not talk about them because they show the failure of assimilation and multicultural society. Likewise “Governments will [...]

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

Throughout college campuses across the United States, social justice warriors have proudly marched forward demanding free speech and tolerance for everyone except those they disagree with. Like a group of 5 year olds bullying someone on the playground, they yell, scream and throw fits, putting their immaturity on full display for the [...]

Columbia University to hold no-whites student retreat

The white student body should organize a whites only retreat for the same weekend. Wait till the shitstorm erupts and then point out their intolerance and double standards. Columbia University to hold no-whites student retreat “”There’s only one rule for Columbia University students who want to attend an upcoming leadership retreat: you [...]

Get In Fgts!

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Get In Fgts!

> Wikileaks releases Hillary emails > Mass media releases a Trump tape from 11 years ago to distract from it > Mass media chastises Trump for words. Double standards made evident. Ignores actions much worse from Clinton camp > Operation Castrate Alpha Males in place. Mass media slams private guy talk > [...]



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