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Liberals, Canada Doesn`t Want You Either

We posted yesterday about the list of liberals, communists and cry babies who said they`d be leaving America if Trump won the presidency. (See that post here) Well Trump has won and on the night of the election Canada`s immigration website crashed from all the hits. It`s ironic that all these supposedly [...]

Female Leaders

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Female Leaders

Via Smash Cultural Marxism The ‘progressive’ left claim that electing female politicians into office is a hallmark of their worldview and that the hated white heterosexual male patriarchy is totally against it. That isn’t true. I believe that all Nationalists would gladly support the election of a female leader of a nation [...]

Liberal Logic: Election Outcome

Via Smash Cultural Marxism You have to laugh at the ignorance of those on the ‘progressive’ left today who are protesting against Trump declaring that he is ‘not their President.’ They would have preferred a woman who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men women and children [...]

Drain The Liberal Media Swamp

Liberals: Divisive in identity politics, United in their hatred against Whites Drain The Liberal Media Swamp For liberals everything is about divisiveness. Liberalism creates an identity in people out of every single little nuance they can and then postulates that they are persecuted because of it. They do this to create a [...]



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