Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Creedence Clearwater Revival

We have just added a cd from classic rock band CCR. While they don`t fit into the Independent genre Label 56 concentrates on, their music is loved by many people I know. I personally have been a fan of their music since my teen years and this particular cd has been a [...]

Arghoslent Interview

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Arghoslent Interview

Below is an interview with controversial death metal band Arghoslent. It has been reposted below from the Uprise Direct Blog. I have to say I have seen Arghoslentplay live several times including once here in Baltimore, and they put on a great show. As their shows are few and far between, if [...]

Voice Of Justice- Eruption Of Hate

2009 has been a great year so far for cd releases in our music scene. While there have been many really good cd`s released from many different genres, I have to say the new debut cd from Voice Of Justice tops them all. This cd is in the hardcore genre and I [...]

New cd`s In Stock

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New cd`s In Stock

Some really nice cd`s have been added to our catalog. First, as previously mentioned in our blog, the new Westwall cd as well as the Lions Pride cd and Frozen Abyss cd`s are now posted in our catalog. A couple others we have been anticipating on getting are in stock now including [...]

Crivian Heathen Madness- Rare cd In Stock

We have very limited copies of this cd- Crivian Heathen Madness is a compilation cd featuring various songs and projects created by Pan Dominik and Voislav during the years 2001- 2006. This cd contains songs from early demos, rare unreleased tracks, songs from “dead” projects like Druvis, and songs from upcoming albums [...]

Pushing Onwards 7 Inch Vinyl In Stock

We just got in very limited copies of the 7 inch vinyl titled The Tradition Of War from Hungarian death/ grindcore band Pushing Onwards. As PO is one of my more favorite bands we are offering a special to purchase their music and t shirts. You can order their vinyl alone for [...]

Fuel TV

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Fuel TV

As a teenager I used to love skateboarding and bike riding. Even though I was never really good it was still fun to try lol. Still today I love to watch competitions and freestyle videos and this past weekend I found a station on direct tv that is just non stop skating, [...]

Lyrics- Before God

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Lyrics- Before God

Lyrics below are from the Before God cd- Under The Blood Banner. The first is about the “walking dead” in society that will not awaken. I`m currently reading the book Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey, and this song relates to parts of it as it discusses the focus on self indulgence that [...]

Lyrics- Bully Boys- My Heart Belongs To You

In one of my past weekly picks for Uprise Direct I picked the cd by Shutdown titled Pray For War. One of the reasons I like that cd so much is because of the lyrical content. I stated that the lyrics revolve around war, survival, government oppression, etc and are written in [...]



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