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Saga Lyrics

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Saga Lyrics

The lyrics below are from two songs off the Saga cd On My Own. This is a great cd composed entirely by Saga herself (which is where the name On My Own comes from). The music is something fairly original in our music scene as it is based mostly around the piano [...]

Voice Of Justice Lyrics- Suicide In Slow Motion

The lyrics below are from the Voice Of Justice cd Eruption of Hate. and are about how corporate entities profit off of what is basically a slow suicide. Suicide In Slow Motion Mp3 Here All around me it`s a sad sight I see People poisoning their bodies Each cigarette brings them closer [...]

Teardown Lyrics- Rejected

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Teardown Lyrics- Rejected

Society is sick. It`s pretty evident to anyone who has not become poisoned by it. I see it every day. Normally I just go about my business but from time to time it really gets to me seeing people with potential throw their lives away. When I was younger I was a [...]

Lyrics: Everyday

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Lyrics: Everyday

These lyrics are for the song Everyday on Definite Hate`s cd Welcome To The South Everyday Everyday I wake up early and work hard for my pay And watch through helpless eyes as I see my youth slipping away Striving to feed my family and keep a roof over their heads They [...]

New Brutal Grindcore Assault From Anticipate

Grindcore is a music style that is not real popular in our music scene as there have only been a handful of bands that play this style. Fortunately it seems to be spreading it`s influence as the bands that play grindcore have had releases in the last few years as opposed to [...]

Fear Rains Down Interview

Radio Autonom recently did an interview with hardcore band Fear Rains Down. In this interview they discuss among other things how 4 members from different parts of the world contribute and record. They also discuss some politics as well as the Straight Edge lifesyle. Check it out here

Lyrics- One Family

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Lyrics- One Family

The One Family cd`s are a series of split cd`s released by OPOS Records. The lyrics here are from the second cd in the series featuring Moshpit, Attack, Forbidden, and Total War. The lyrics below basically have to do with self betterment. They promote the strength to counter what has become a [...]



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