Cultural Change through Music & Activism
New Brutal Grindcore Assault From Anticipate

Grindcore is a music style that is not real popular in our music scene as there have only been a handful of bands that play this style. Fortunately it seems to be spreading it`s influence as the bands that play grindcore have had releases in the last few years as opposed to [...]

Fear Rains Down Interview

Radio Autonom recently did an interview with hardcore band Fear Rains Down. In this interview they discuss among other things how 4 members from different parts of the world contribute and record. They also discuss some politics as well as the Straight Edge lifesyle. Check it out here

Lyrics- One Family

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Lyrics- One Family

The One Family cd`s are a series of split cd`s released by OPOS Records. The lyrics here are from the second cd in the series featuring Moshpit, Attack, Forbidden, and Total War. The lyrics below basically have to do with self betterment. They promote the strength to counter what has become a [...]

Creedence Clearwater Revival

We have just added a cd from classic rock band CCR. While they don`t fit into the Independent genre Label 56 concentrates on, their music is loved by many people I know. I personally have been a fan of their music since my teen years and this particular cd has been a [...]

Arghoslent Interview

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Arghoslent Interview

Below is an interview with controversial death metal band Arghoslent. It has been reposted below from the Uprise Direct Blog. I have to say I have seen Arghoslentplay live several times including once here in Baltimore, and they put on a great show. As their shows are few and far between, if [...]

Voice Of Justice- Eruption Of Hate

2009 has been a great year so far for cd releases in our music scene. While there have been many really good cd`s released from many different genres, I have to say the new debut cd from Voice Of Justice tops them all. This cd is in the hardcore genre and I [...]



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