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A3P Addresses Charm City St Patty`s Show

American Third Position National Coordinator Charles Dickenson delivered an inspiring address to the attendees of a belated St. Patrick’s Day musical celebration in Baltimore, Maryland this past weekend. The family friendly half-day affair was organized and sponsored by Label 56 and featured several acts that performed traditional folk music in acoustic and electric formats to the enjoyment of the scores of attendees. In addition to Mr. Dickenson, several other A3P members were also in attendance, including A3P New Jersey State Chairmen Alex Carmichael and A3P Pennsylvania State Chairman Steve Smith. Here is brief excerpt of the speech delivered by Mr. Dickenson: <a href=""> [ Read More → ]

Support Alexandra Wallace

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Support Alexandra Wallace

A few days ago I heard a story about a woman from UCLA that made a “racist” video (Yes this is top news in America).  I didn`t really pay much attention to it because in America today anything and everything Whites do is “racist”. Browsing through The Political Cesspool Blog this morning [...]

Heathen Hammer- Clandestine Oath

I don`t know how many people outside of the underground metal scene are familiar with Heathen Hammer, but they are a band that should be on everyone`s play list. They have an awesome combination of black and war metal as well as an underlying RAC sound. One review I read compared said [...]

The US Music Scene Is Going Strong

Last night here in different parts of the US two huge shows took place. The first was the St Valentine`s Massacre sponsored by Daily Reminder Productions in  California. The second wasn`t being advertised but it featured one of the biggest bands here in the US.  I`m very happy to say that there [...]

Armed & Ready

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Armed & Ready

The debut EP from Orange County`s newest band- Armed & Ready will be out soon. This ep will be 6 tracks total (one of which is an intro track) in a blend of OC hardcore/ punk. You can catch them live this weekend at St Valentines Massacre Show. Label 56 will have [...]

Interview With Major Williams Of Brainwash

We have just posted an interview with Major Williams of the German metal band Brainwash. Label 56 currently has in stock several cd`s featuring Brainwash including their excellent debut Moments Of Truth which is one of the best cd`s ever to come out of our music scene. We also have in stock [...]

Annual Ukraine MMA Comp

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Annual Ukraine MMA Comp

Some pics and video below from the annual MMA competition held last month in Ukraine. Fierce competition took place in 4 weight classes. This competition has become so popular that the organizers are considering having regional tournaments for competitors to qualify for this one  



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