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Arghoslent Interview

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Arghoslent Interview

Below is an interview with controversial death metal band Arghoslent. It has been reposted below from the Uprise Direct Blog. I have to say I have seen Arghoslentplay live several times including once here in Baltimore, and they put on a great show. As their shows are few and far between, if [...]

Voice Of Justice- Eruption Of Hate

2009 has been a great year so far for cd releases in our music scene. While there have been many really good cd`s released from many different genres, I have to say the new debut cd from Voice Of Justice tops them all. This cd is in the hardcore genre and I [...]

New cd`s In Stock

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New cd`s In Stock

Some really nice cd`s have been added to our catalog. First, as previously mentioned in our blog, the new Westwall cd as well as the Lions Pride cd and Frozen Abyss cd`s are now posted in our catalog. A couple others we have been anticipating on getting are in stock now including [...]

Crivian Heathen Madness- Rare cd In Stock

We have very limited copies of this cd- Crivian Heathen Madness is a compilation cd featuring various songs and projects created by Pan Dominik and Voislav during the years 2001- 2006. This cd contains songs from early demos, rare unreleased tracks, songs from “dead” projects like Druvis, and songs from upcoming albums [...]

Pushing Onwards 7 Inch Vinyl In Stock

We just got in very limited copies of the 7 inch vinyl titled The Tradition Of War from Hungarian death/ grindcore band Pushing Onwards. As PO is one of my more favorite bands we are offering a special to purchase their music and t shirts. You can order their vinyl alone for [...]

Fuel TV

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Fuel TV

As a teenager I used to love skateboarding and bike riding. Even though I was never really good it was still fun to try lol. Still today I love to watch competitions and freestyle videos and this past weekend I found a station on direct tv that is just non stop skating, [...]

Lyrics- Before God

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Lyrics- Before God

Lyrics below are from the Before God cd- Under The Blood Banner. The first is about the “walking dead” in society that will not awaken. I`m currently reading the book Imperium by Francis Parker Yockey, and this song relates to parts of it as it discusses the focus on self indulgence that [...]

Lyrics- Bully Boys- My Heart Belongs To You

In one of my past weekly picks for Uprise Direct I picked the cd by Shutdown titled Pray For War. One of the reasons I like that cd so much is because of the lyrical content. I stated that the lyrics revolve around war, survival, government oppression, etc and are written in [...]

Label 56 Is Twittering!!

Lol. For those that don`t know, twitter is a service that sends notices to your cell phone through text messages. By subscribing to us on twitter you can keep up to date on all of our updates as soon as they are available. I`ve noticed when sending out mass emails that a [...]

Jack London Story Review

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Jack London Story Review

Most people are familiar with the great American novelist Jack London. His story Call Of The Wild is most recognizable. As with most of his stories Call Of The Wild revolves around the life and death struggle of it`s characters and the harsh reality of how cruel and unforgiving life can be [...]



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