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Interview With Major Williams Of Brainwash

We have just posted an interview with Major Williams of the German metal band Brainwash. Label 56 currently has in stock several cd`s featuring Brainwash including their excellent debut Moments Of Truth which is one of the best cd`s ever to come out of our music scene. We also have in stock [...]

Annual Ukraine MMA Comp

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Annual Ukraine MMA Comp

Some pics and video below from the annual MMA competition held last month in Ukraine. Fierce competition took place in 4 weight classes. This competition has become so popular that the organizers are considering having regional tournaments for competitors to qualify for this one  

Hate Forest- To Twilight Thickets

Hate Forest- To Twilight Thickets $12 The Curse Demo: Inmost Winter, To The Thickets and Swamps, Black Forest, The Most Ancient Ones, The Elders, Darkness, The Night Of Winter Solstice, The Curse Temple Forest Demo: Majesty of the Approaching Forest, Snow Covers Faded Gold Of Autumn, First Rays of the Rising Sun, [...]

If We Die Tomorrow- My Crew, My Friends, My Family

Cd available now at Label 56         Track List: Intro, Open Your Mind, Revolution, Resistance, Time For Revenge, Screaming Into Deaf Ears, Dirty Whore, Wackt Auf, Keep Your Distance, Shit Talker, Betrayed Youth, Rise Up, Piece Of Shit, Green- White Oppression, Bloody Tears, My Crew My Friends My Family. [...]

Arghoslent Cd`s Restocked

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Arghoslent Cd`s Restocked

Label 56 has restocked several cd`s from controversial death metal band Arghoslent. Arghoslent is easily one of America`s best death metal bands. Although they are very popular amongst the underground scene, their refusal to toe the politically correct line blacklists them from many “mainstream” labels and distros. Label 56 has several cd`s [...]

Burzum- Fallen

March 7th will see the new cd from Burzum titled Fallen. It is to be released on Byelobog Productions. Musically “Fallen” is like a cross between “Belus” and something new, inspired more by the début album and “Det Som Engang Var” than by “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss” or “Filosofem”. The sound is [...]



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