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Skrewdriver- Live at 100 Club 1983 In Stock Now

In stock now at Label 56! Track List: Back With A Bang, If There’s A Riot, Boots and Braces, Skrew You, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Government Action, Don’t Let Them Pull You Down, Paranoid (Black Sabbath), Soldier of Freedom, Midnight Train, We Don’t Pose, On the Streets, Red London (Sham 69), Street [...]

Turn Back Or Fight: Boxing & Football Match 4/9/11

On Saturday April 9 Turn Back Or Fight organized a boxing tournament as well as a foot ball match. During the morning eight professional fighters fought against opponents in a single assault. Given the talent of the fighters, the fights between the boxers were extremely exciting, emotional and technical. Take a look [...]

Athens:  “The Streets Cry Out For Justice!”

In the streets of Athens hundreds of residents came out of their homes to protest and shout their anger and resentment against immigrants from North Africa. The tragic events that took place this week rocked Greek citizens. In the early morning of May 10th, (around 5-6) 44-year-old Manolis Kantara waiting for his [...]

Lemovice- Oi! Le Tribute

The Lemovice- Oi! Le Tribute cd is in stock now. This is a 12 track tribute cd to some of France`s best Oi! bands. Track list: France (Komintern Sect)- Oi! bombage (Lanterne Rouge) – Skinhead (Brutal Combat) – Le paria (Bunker 84) – Les forces de l’ordre (Warrior Kids) – Un jour [...]

Straightline Interview

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Straightline Interview

There is an interview with Greek RAC band Straightline posted below. Their debut cd Act For A New Generation is an excellent cd. It is a very well produced cd and the music is very professional. Act For A New Generation is  available now at Label 56 Below is an interview with [...]

Greek Mass Media`s Bias On “Race Riots”

A man was killed in Athens last week taking his wife to the hospital to have their baby. He brought his camera to tape the birth of his first child. 3 illegal immigrants stabbed him to death for his camera. Moments after, his wife found him dead a few meters from his [...]

Josue Libertad

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Josue Libertad

Joshua has been serving time for a defensive attack against a pack of 50 fascist “anti fascists” who set against him. He has been given 26 years for defending himself in a a situation where he could have been seriously injured or killed. Many worldwide have brought attention to this and are [...]



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