Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Skinhead Magazine #11

  The internet is a great resource for just about any kind of info you want on anything and for many it has become second nature to just sit and read online. Over the past 2 years or so it has pretty much become my sole source for reading band interviews, cd [...]

Liberty 37- War Relics Vinyl In Stock Now

  Label 56 now has in stock the limited edition Liberty 37- War Relics vinyl. This is a vinyl release of previously recorded tracks from the band who went on to form Rebel Hell. Track List: Riot Of The Valkyrie, Armed Or Be Enslaved, World Domination, Two Rounds For Sister Sarah, Broken [...]

“Youths” Gone Wild

Posted in Politics

“Youths” Gone Wild

This past Memorial Day weekend was anything but civil, but in many places it looked like a war. And people may remember—or even commemorate—this year’s “festivities” a hundred years from now. Crowd situations in multiple American cities came so unglued that massive police intervention was required to shut down activities at beaches, [...]

Hungarian Voice Vol. 5

This issue features: Palmetto, Ossian, Archive, Breakout, Onogur, last line of defense, Better Days, Turul, Vanguard, CD reviews: Hammer and Acoustics, Romantic Violence / Archive, Worst Nightmare, posters, book reviews, and more! Available now at Loyalty Records  

Skrewdriver- Live at 100 Club 1983 In Stock Now

In stock now at Label 56! Track List: Back With A Bang, If There’s A Riot, Boots and Braces, Skrew You, Tomorrow Belongs To Me, Government Action, Don’t Let Them Pull You Down, Paranoid (Black Sabbath), Soldier of Freedom, Midnight Train, We Don’t Pose, On the Streets, Red London (Sham 69), Street [...]

Turn Back Or Fight: Boxing & Football Match 4/9/11

On Saturday April 9 Turn Back Or Fight organized a boxing tournament as well as a foot ball match. During the morning eight professional fighters fought against opponents in a single assault. Given the talent of the fighters, the fights between the boxers were extremely exciting, emotional and technical. Take a look [...]



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