Cultural Change through Music & Activism
The First A3P National Conference

The American Third Position Board of Directors, comprised of Mr. William Johnson, Mr. James Edwards, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and Mr. Don Wassall, have given a “State of the A3P 2011″ radio address on the occasion of the party’s one-year anniversary. Read more here.

Jared Loughner and Mass Media`s Agenda/ Re Post

The following is a re post from an email we received concerning the recent tragedy in Arizona It`s funny how people say there is no agenda in mass media. In the hours following the tragedy in Arizona reports were flying out about the motivation of Jared Loughner- that he was a right [...]

Lyrics: Skrewdriver Warlord Cd

One of my favorite Skrewdriver cd`s is easily Warlord both musically and lyrically. As for Skrewdriver as a whole,  I`ve always said that Ian Stuart`s lyrics were ingenious. For the most part they are lyrics that address political and social issues as well as honor the history of our people, but they [...]

The Frame Up Of Edgar Steele?

Those that do not know, Edgar Steele is a lawyer who has defended those who have been targeted based on the simple fact that their philosophy of life clashes with that of those who hold power above them. He was recently arrested surrounding a bizarre series of events that really don`t seem [...]

Safe White Neighborhoods Are Racist/ Re Post

Re-post from an email we received- The link here is to a recent story about the governor of Mississippi and his reflection of his town during the civil rights era. As typical with anyone who makes the littlest statement that can be contrived as being for self preservation he is attacked full [...]



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