Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Skinhead Magazine #11

  The internet is a great resource for just about any kind of info you want on anything and for many it has become second nature to just sit and read online. Over the past 2 years or so it has pretty much become my sole source for reading band interviews, cd [...]

Liberty 37- War Relics Vinyl In Stock Now

  Label 56 now has in stock the limited edition Liberty 37- War Relics vinyl. This is a vinyl release of previously recorded tracks from the band who went on to form Rebel Hell. Track List: Riot Of The Valkyrie, Armed Or Be Enslaved, World Domination, Two Rounds For Sister Sarah, Broken [...]

“Youths” Gone Wild

Posted in Politics

“Youths” Gone Wild

This past Memorial Day weekend was anything but civil, but in many places it looked like a war. And people may remember—or even commemorate—this year’s “festivities” a hundred years from now. Crowd situations in multiple American cities came so unglued that massive police intervention was required to shut down activities at beaches, [...]

Hungarian Voice Vol. 5

This issue features: Palmetto, Ossian, Archive, Breakout, Onogur, last line of defense, Better Days, Turul, Vanguard, CD reviews: Hammer and Acoustics, Romantic Violence / Archive, Worst Nightmare, posters, book reviews, and more! Available now at Loyalty Records  



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