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Bound For Glory- Feed The Machine

After a long silence the Minnesota Vikings are back!! PC Records has released the new Bound For Glory cd titled Feed The Machine. This cd is 12 brand new tracks featuring both Ed and Joel. Label 56 has copies in stock now! Track list and promo video is posted below Tracklist: 01. [...]

Saturday Morning Posts

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Saturday Morning Posts

Let me start this post by saying that I rather enjoy Saturday mornings, in fact I enjoy them so much I actually look forward to them. Wake up early, no rush to get ready for work, everything is calm, there`s no noise outside, etc. I normally just relax, drink my coffee and [...]

Minority Feelings and Violent Facts

This year’s trend,  so called “flash mob” attacks of black youths attacking whites gathered at amusement parks, parades, etc.. has finally garnered some media attention. Over the weekend in Milwaukee 22 year old white victim Shaina Perry had her head split open in a robbery with her asthma inhaler stolen while the [...]

White Candidates Stampede: American Third Position

The American Third Position is being attacked more and more frequently by those who hate white self preservation. They are now seen as a viable threat to the creation of the leftists ideal raceless classless society being built on the displacement of whites and a liberal eugenics program. A recent article posted [...]

When The State Breaks A Man

Thomas J Ball committed suicide on the steps of the New Hampshire Cheshire County Courthouse last month. His story has been completely blacked out of national media…   “How much does the State weigh?” Josef Stalin asked an underling who had been ordered to extract a confession from an enemy of his [...]

Holidays In Post Racial America

A new study has shown that white babies being born in this country are now a minority (Full story here). Here`s  a look at what to expect for all your upcoming local holiday celebrations… Security Tightened for July Fourth in Charlotte:  Leaders in Charlotte are making plans to ensure the city’s Fourth [...]



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