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NPI TV: Richard Spencer & Alex Kurtagic

Last week I posted a link  to the Alex Kurtagic speech at the NPI Conference. Here is a video interview from NPI TV with Richard Spencer and Alex discussing this speech. Again, I really enjoy listening to the ideas Alex Kurtagic proposes as they are realistic and practical. Novelist, commentator, and musician [...]

American Renaissance Conference 2012: Defending the West

American Renaissance Conference Defending the West March 16 – 18, 2012, near Nashville, Tennessee Ours is an era of fear and self-censorship. Virtually no whites are willing to break taboos about racial differences in IQ, the costs of “diversity,” or the challenges of non-white immigration. We are different. We believe these are [...]


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In this video RAMZPAUL comments on a recent episode of The View where the ladies discussed a Washington Post story about a rock with the word “N-head” written on it at the gated entrance of a hunting camp leased and frequented by Rick Perry and his father.  

Alex Kurtagic: Masters of the Universe

Below is a link to the text of a speech delivered by Alex Kurtagic at the recent NPI Conference in Washington DC. I`d encourage you to read it as it touches on some good issues with the way we approach people. I`ve listened to several radio interviews with Mr Kurtagic in the [...]



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