Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Pat Buchanan`s New Book And Neo Fascist Attacks

Pat Buchanan is a man who has consistently written about the (globalist) programs reeking destruction on America and it`s founding European culture. In his new book Suicide Of A Superpower he states that “In a few decades, … America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to [...]

We’re A Culture, Not A Costume Too

Ahh yes, the destroyers of European Culture are out in full force searching for racism around every corner. This time they are once again targeting Halloween and ruining the fun for all. A recent campaign by a neo fascist college group selectively targeting “racist” Halloween costumes has gained media attention. As this [...]

DJ-Josse / DJ Sergi Album: Los Colgaos Españoles (DJ Split CD)

DJ-Josse Mixer: DJ-Josse / DJ Sergi Album: Los Colgaos Españoles (DJ Split CD) Genre: Hardstyle Year: 2011 Country: Villa Rica De La Vera Cruz / España City: Córdoba / Barcelona Quality: Stereo Tracks: 2 Size: 56.05 MB Time: 41:25 Contact: Tracklist: 01 – Corazón Valiente (Session Mix) – 22:03 02 – [...]



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