Cultural Change through Music & Activism
Dee Ex- …I Know

Patriotic artist and freedom fighter Dee Ex has released  a new dvd/ cd combo.  Since 2008 she has been making music and rhymes for a healthy patriotism and commitment for the German people to preserve their identity. She does not take a stand from right to left, left to right or center [...]

Lucan Wolf Interview

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Lucan Wolf Interview

This interview with Lucan Wolf was conducted by Rick/ Label 56 in February of 2010. You can get his cd Warrior on Cd baby here       Hello Lucan, I want to start by thanking you for doing this interview. You are a talented artist who many people may not be [...]

The Passing of the Great Race

Info here The Passing of the Great Race: Madison Grant (author) Jared Taylor (introductory essay), Henry Fairfield Osborn (forewords) The Passing of the Great Race is one of the most prominent racially oriented books of all times, written by the most influencial American conservationist that ever lived. Historically, topically, and geographically, Grant’s [...]

Pick Of The Week: Russkiy Styag- Steel Eagles

Pick Of The Week 2/12/12: Russkiy Styag: Steel Eagles This week`s pick is for the Russkiy Styag cd Steel Eagles. The band Russkiy Styag has it`s origin as a solo acoustic act started in the year 2000. The founder of this band Evginy had played in many bands with styles of heavier [...]

Major Disappointment Interview

Below is an interview with Major Disappointment originally posted on the Us Of Oi! Zine here. Major Disappointment is a band that is not real well known yet but they are another not to be overlooked. They play some good anti pc oldschool hardcore/ punk. They have a full length cd out [...]

DJ Sergi – ¡Pinchando por España!

Dj Josse`s mixed set is very well known in the HHard Bass scene and is the featured songs in many of the videos from countries worldwide. You can do a search on our blog for Hard Bass and it will pull up several previous posts. Dj Sergi is another artist who performs [...]



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