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Madrid Football Tournament

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Madrid Football Tournament

  On Saturday April 21, MSR Madrid invites you to participate in the First Futsal Tournament Against Drugs in the illustrious town of Algete. This sporting activity is framed within the cycle of political, cultural, social and sporting that the Social Republican Movement has been making in the municipality of Algete for [...]

Oldschool Madrid

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Oldschool Madrid

Oldschool Madrid is a non profit cultural, social and sporting association. It is set up to promote sport and the cultural and traditions of the Spanish people.              

“Our Vision For America” by Merlin Miller

“America’s Founding Fathers had the courage and divine wisdom to create a nation unlike any in history. In so doing, they delivered a promise – for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But America is sick and under attack! Not by any military nor by God’s hand, but by treasonous elements [...]

An Inspiration For Us All

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An Inspiration For Us All

An Inspiration for Us All: Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 13, 2012 Original Article Here Paris conference attracts 700 nationalists. On March 10, I gave a talk to an audience of more than 700 French nationalists in Paris. The meeting was called to oppose current proposals to let foreigners from non-European Union [...]

Wellington Arms New Website

Chicago`s Wellington Arms have a new site up now. Check it out here About Wellington Arms: Well……”Were disgusted by all these left-wing lies , the posers, the druggies, and people that are in disguise. We aint into drugs, the make-up, or the Downtown Struts – we aint into fashion punk and punks [...]

Who Were The First Americans?

An interesting article below. Originally posted in The UK Daily Mail here Do tools belonging to Stone Age hunters found on U.S. east coast prove the first Americans came from Europe NOT Asia? * New discovery of European-style tools being heralded as among the most important archaeological breakthroughs for decades * Supports [...]



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