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Spirit Warrior MMA Competition #9

On Saturday March 24, the ninth tournament in the mixed martial series “The Spirit of the Warrior” , (organized by the youth clothing and sportswear brand White Rex) will be held in Yekaterinburg. This capital of the Urals takes our tournament for the second time and at this time it looks like [...]

Is Ron Paul A Racist?

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Is Ron Paul A Racist?

I`ve made several posts in the past here at Label 56 in support of  Dr. Ron Paul and his run for the presidency. This however should in no way validate the repeated attacks he receives by people on the left. It is simply from my own feeling that people should be able [...]

Pick Of The Week: Contra Boys- Podziemne Miasto

Pick of the week 3/4/12: Pick Of The Week: Contra Boys- Podziemne Miasto Order Here This weeks pick goes to the band Contra Boys for their third release Podziemne Miasto. This is a Polish hooligan rock band with Adam (Konkwista88, Frankenstein, S.O.L.) doing vocals. For the most part the music is mid [...]

Pick Of The Week: Ad Hominem- Dictator

Pick of the week 2/26/12: Ad Hominem- Dictator/ A Monument Of Glory Ad Hominem is the one man black metal project of Kaiser. It is a project that is well known in the black metal music scene as he has been steadily putting out new music under this name for over 10 [...]

Insurgents & SurroundXEnemies

Russian straightedge bands Insurgents and SurroundXEnemies have a new joint split release. The bands have made this a free download which you can access here the Russian hardcore scene is actually fairly large and they put on some really good shows. Label 56 has a couple cd`s in stock from some other [...]

Argentum- Kooperation Und Freundschaft

Argentum have released a new cd on Skulline Productions titled Kooperation Und Freundschaft. This new cd is something different from previous releases and has elevated them to a new level. On this release the band incorporates new instruments as well as acoustic guitars and vocals. They create a beautiful mix of acoustic [...]

Lyrics: Across The Hudson- H.A.D. (Updated)

Throwback Post. Reposted on the featured slider in April of 2016 as it relates to the current commie and sjw protests occuring nationally.  The lyrics posted below are from the ‘Our Side Of The Story’ cd by New Jersey`s Across the Hudson. The first thing that captures your attention about this cd [...]

VoR Radio Shows

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VoR Radio Shows

I regularly promote radio shows on here that I enjoy. Again this past week two on VoR I wanted to promote are The Friday Show and Fork In The Road. Fork In The Road: February 15th Host Stan Hess and co-panelists Carolyn Yeager and Paul Fromm discuss tactics to confront defamation of [...]



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