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Crivian Heathen Madness- Rare cd In Stock

We have very limited copies of this cd- Crivian Heathen Madness is a compilation cd featuring various songs and projects created by Pan Dominik and Voislav during the years 2001- 2006. This cd contains songs from early demos, rare unreleased tracks, songs from “dead” projects like Druvis, and songs from upcoming albums [...]

Pushing Onwards 7 Inch Vinyl In Stock

We just got in very limited copies of the 7 inch vinyl titled The Tradition Of War from Hungarian death/ grindcore band Pushing Onwards. As PO is one of my more favorite bands we are offering a special to purchase their music and t shirts. You can order their vinyl alone for [...]

Label 56 Is Twittering!!

Lol. For those that don`t know, twitter is a service that sends notices to your cell phone through text messages. By subscribing to us on twitter you can keep up to date on all of our updates as soon as they are available. I`ve noticed when sending out mass emails that a [...]

Westwall- Conquest Or Death

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Westwall- Conquest Or Death

The new cd from death metal band Westwall is in stock now. As stated on their my space WestWall is made of veterans of the Minnesota metal scene. These Legionaires serve up their own brutal style of war metal. Influenced by great metal bands such as Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Iron Maiden, Arch [...]

The Death Of Corporate Radio?

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The Death Of Corporate Radio?

So congress basically wants to “tax” radio stations, disguising it as royalties that will be paid to artists and whoever else owns the copyright to the music. As stated in this article, this makes no sense as radio play is free advertisement and most of the time is what propels a band [...]

Kroda: Witch-hunt and holy inquisition?!

The statement below is from the Pagan metal band Kroda who are from the Ukraine. Their music revolves around the celebration of ancient European cultures and traditions and the pre Christian (Pagan) religion of our ancestors. Last week they were cowardly attacked by people who have no respect for European culture and [...]

Ultra Sur Review

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Ultra Sur Review

We just got this review back for our new release by Argentina`s Ultra Sur. The review was sent to us by VF Canada and I would like to thank them for their support Ultra Sur-Nacido Para Ser Skin There is a lot of hype around this release and let me tell you [...]

New cd`s

Some new cd`s have been added to the Label 56 site. Most of the new additions are various hardcore and rock cd`s. We have also added several ambient/ martial/ industrial cd`s (very limited copies of each) as well as some more Russian metal. Also in stock now is the new cd from [...]



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