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Rebel Hell- From The Trenches

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Rebel Hell- From The Trenches

Rebel Hell- From The Trenches In Stock Now This is a new cd from the Detroit rockers and features new tracks as well as several cover songs. Pick up your copy now at Track list: 01. Hell Bent And Blood Bound 02. No End But Victory 03. Unto the Forge 04. [...]

New Songs From Anticipate

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New Songs From Anticipate

I posted about 2 weeks ago that Polish grindcore Anticipate will be recording new songs for an upcoming split. They have some of those new songs posted now on their my space here  

Tribute To Totenkopf

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Tribute To Totenkopf

We have several new cd`s in stock here at Label 56 which I will be posting up some reviews of in the next few days. The first cd is the Tribute To Totenkopf cd. This is the early 80`s French band Totenkopf and is actually the first time I had heard of [...]

Label 56: November`s Sale Special

It is October 25th, and this months special is almost over. For the rest of the week you can pick up several great hardcore cd`s for only $7, including Hatelordz, H8Machine, The NSHC Massacre and more. Next month will be a tribute to the Hungarian music scene as we will be discounting [...]

Natzees Burning Books In Germany

Well not quite, same effect, different principle. We just received this email from metal band Evil Incarnate- HAIL! In the following letter the next banned release for Evil Incarnate in Germany due to “overly Brutal” … lyrics. The CD Waiting for His Return is now in the process of being indexed into [...]

Cynic Release Second Full Length

The band Cynic out of Potsdam have released their second full length cd titled Rock. It is out now on PC Records. This new cd contains 18 songs as well as a cover from Burndown and two songs previously released on the Potsdam demo/ split cd`s. This band actually caught my attention [...]

Second Class Citizen New Songs Online

Hardcore band Second Class Citizen have two new excellent songs posted on their my space. The songs No More Lies and Time For Handover Pt. 2 can be heard here     I am glad to see they have new material. We received their Demo cd awhile ago and I have been [...]

96 Brigade Lyrics- Condemned

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96 Brigade Lyrics- Condemned

Below are the lyrics to the song Condemned from the new 96 Brigade cd titled Revolution For Dummies Condemned Never been one to fit in, always stood out in a crowd never been one to joke with anyone standing around never been the ones to fake what we believe in and what [...]



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