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Green Arrows Interview December 2019

Green Arrows Interview (December 2019)  By Matthew Ryan     To say Green Arrows is just a hardcore band based out of Italy would be a mighty disservice to these fine gentleman. I was late to the Green Arrows party unfortunately. I asked Rick at Label56 to recommend some good hardcore and [...]

New Bitchute Channel

Music & News For The Culture War New Bitchute Channel After massive censorship and deletions of not only our channel but many others as well, we’ve been switching our own content over to bitchute. Several recent music and news podcasts are now available and more are in the process of being uploaded. [...]

Label 56 Radio Episode 18

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Label 56 Radio Episode 18

  This is the 18th episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Podcast. This is the podcast we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as update you on what`s currently in stock at As always the music styles in this show range from Oi! to RAC to metal [...]

Cardi B. Vs Bill Cosby

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Cardi B. Vs Bill Cosby

Music & News For The Culture War Cardi B. Vs Bill Cosby An old interview with rapper Cardi B. has made the rounds again in which she talks about her life as a stripper. In the interview she admits to meeting men, taking them to a hotel for sex and then drugging [...]

Year End Clearance & Raffle!

Label 56 Annual Year End Clearance starts on Cyber Monday! We`ve got 12 different sales this year! Complete list below. Sale 1: Get any 10 cd`s for $10 each. Offer valid for any cd`s priced $10 or more. Cd catalog here Sale 2: Get any shirt for $15 or get 2 shirts [...]



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