Cultural Change through Music & Activism
If We Die Tomorrow- My Crew, My Friends, My Family

Cd available now at Label 56         Track List: Intro, Open Your Mind, Revolution, Resistance, Time For Revenge, Screaming Into Deaf Ears, Dirty Whore, Wackt Auf, Keep Your Distance, Shit Talker, Betrayed Youth, Rise Up, Piece Of Shit, Green- White Oppression, Bloody Tears, My Crew My Friends My Family. [...]

4 Aces & Strappo Promo Videos

We just got in stock about 8 new cd`s here at Label 56. We will post the complete list and add them to our catalog this weekend. Below is a promo song/ video for one of the new cd`s. It is the new cd from Italy`s  4 Aces which was just released [...]

Lucan Wolf Videos

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Lucan Wolf Videos

Two videos are posted here from Lucan Wolf. As an artist Lucan Wolf is a very talented individual. He has musical projects in several different genres including rock, country, and electronic, and as with all of his work Lucan Wolf puts out a positive message. The songs here are from the cd [...]

Saga Lyrics

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Saga Lyrics

The lyrics below are from two songs off the Saga cd On My Own. This is a great cd composed entirely by Saga herself (which is where the name On My Own comes from). The music is something fairly original in our music scene as it is based mostly around the piano [...]



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